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The Friends of New Haven are excited to announce their Annual Restoring Hope Giving Campaign, offering two distinct giving opportunities to support the work of New Haven Youth & Family Services:


The Restoring Hope Giving Booka catalog offering varied opportunities to donate and support the programs of New Haven.


The Restoring Hope Online Auction, which raised more than $35,000 from our generous participants last year!


To make a one time or recurring donation — Donate Now

The Programs of New Haven


New Haven provides residential treatment, educational and vocational services and clinical intervention to more than 800 at-risk youth and their families annually based on best practices that effect measurable outcomes. All programs are based on best practices that affect measurable outcomes.  

The Residential Treatment Program runs 24/7 providing young men from 12 to 17 receive intensive clinical and educational intervention. Our career technical training courses are life-changing because they offer experience in real world careers.


The Day Student Program provides special education in a non-public school setting for students who have not been successful in traditional public schools. Behavioral and mental health issues as well as substance abuse, learning disabilities, and truancy problems are treated.



The Short-Term Residential Program serves older adolescent youth with histories of horrific abuse. The program features intensive clinical and educational interventions.  One of the goals is to adequately communicate: You are safe; you are worthy; and here is where the journey begins.



Community Based Services (CBS) are short-term treatment for both boys and girls.  The goal is to reunite adolescents who have serious emotional and behavioral problems with their families or increase their success at home so they don’t have to be separated. 



Theraputic Behavioral Services (TBS) are in-home programs with a team of mental specialists who work alongside the family or caregiver to resolve targeted behaviors. Serving both boys and girls, the program focuses on eliminating behaviors that jeopardize the youth's current living situation.

Our Core Values



Care, Concern, Respect Without Judgement



Teamwork, Collaboration, Esprit de Corps


Service, Excellence, Learning


Integrity, Authenticity, Perseverance


Gratitude, Stewardship, Joy

The Compass


The drafting compass depicted in our logo represents the dynamic experience students have at New Haven.  Graphically, the compass is in the shape of an “A,” an educational symbol of achievement.  As a drafting tool, the compass is representative of New Haven’s innovative underpinning of trade skills as a motivational application of academic curriculum.  Compasses measure distances, like the distance the boys will travel on their journey.  As a navigation tool, a compass is synonymous with New Haven’s role as a guide that helps at-risk adolescents to find their way.

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